#ABWomenSpeak June 13 - Speaker's Corner - Lara Forsberg - Transcript

Lara Forsberg
Lara Forsberg

Lara Forsberg is a Lethbridge mother who attended the event and took part in the Speaker's Corner after the scheduled speakers.

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I'm Lara Forsberg, I'm from Lethbridge, Alberta.

I play roller derby. We're having some serious problems happening on the roller derby track because of men hurting our players, our female players. We're told to be inclusive, while I was excluded from my roller derby team for being a woman and having an opinion. 

I want to go on about the Elizabeth Fry Society because when I lived in Calgary I was helped by the Elizabeth Fry Society through the Women In Need store that provided clothes for women who needed to find work.

Now that store is closed down and I'm not sure what the Elizabeth Fry Society is doing now to help women, after I hear that women are no longer served but people are served. 

I just want to say, right from the Elizabeth Fry Society page, it says their services are "women-centred, ensuring women and girls receive services and supports that respect their social, economic, physical, and cultural reality and based on the assumption that women know their own realities."

And yet they're shutting up the women they're there to protect. Mostly First Nations women. 

Why do they get any money from us? 

Transwomen are not sent to period huts, they are not child brides, genital mutilation is a female problem, so is forced marriage. Rape and impregnation in child marriages too.

In Alberta, the Mennonites in my community have girls who are not educated. They are not given any services when they are raped and have incest situations to deal with in very young...we don't even talk about that. We're too busy figuring out what a woman is!

This is from a woman in jail: "I was forced to live in a unit with a self-proclaimed transgender who will remain nameless. I don't say it like that out of disrespect or transphobia. I'm a lover of and a member of the LGBTQI community and so are my friends and I'm friends with many trans people; however the lack of protocol, CSC, Correctional Services Canada, has in place allows any man to proclaim trans status, to be transferred into a women's prison to do their time. As a woman. And they're hurting women."

And children! At Grand Valley Institute, we have women and children who are in a very safe state and now they have guns pointed at them because there are men in there who are unsafe! These women have a chance to bond with their children and now the children and the women are afraid because they have a wolf in their midst. 

What is Elizabeth Fry doing for these women? NOTHING.

This is a dereliction of duty by Elizabeth Fry and other female institutions.

The Endometrial Society, why do they have to include transwomen?

Sexism disguised as diversity and forcing the rights of trans-identified males, trying to breach the rights of the most marginalised women in Canada in female prisons. First Nations women are the ones being sexually assaulted. Furthermore the rights of lesbian youth to discover their own identity without the heteronormative or heterosexual queer colonising lands of white men and sexist women. 

And Canadian schools as well, children are in jeopardy, and I'm going to leave it at that. 

Thanks for letting me speak.