#ABWomenSpeak June 13 - Linda Blade - Transcript


Linda Blade is a coach and the president of Athletics Alberta. She has a PhD in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University, a Chartered Professional Coach designation in track and field, and is a former champion heptathlete. In May, her book Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport, co-written by Barbara Kay, was released and is available now! If anyone is qualified to talk about the differences between male and female bodies, it's Linda.

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My name is Linda Blade. I live and work in Edmonton.

I am a Sport Performance coach and serve as elected President of Athletics Alberta.

Let me tell you about Alberta.

Alberta is a province of Canada that prides itself on independent thinking.

The very name - ALBERTA - was taken from one of the daughters of Queen Victoria back in 1905.

It strikes me that this daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, was intelligent, outspoken, and curious.

Her nickname in youth was: "Little Miss WHY."

Well, guess what: distinguished daughters of Alberta who came after her ALSO happen to be great at asking WHY.

One hundred years ago, FIVE WOMEN decided to speak out because they realized that FEMALE CITIZENS in CANADA were NOT considered to be HUMAN PERSONS under the law!

Just like Louise Alberta they were asking WHY?

WHY are women in Canada NOT considered PERSONS?

WHY are women in Canada NOT able to serve in ALL bodies of leadership - including the Senate?

Here are the names of these suffragettes:

When they first got together and started making some noise, they were called, "The Alberta Five."

Next, after withstanding challenges, they persisted and were called, "The Valiant Five."

And, finally, after winning their case and thereby ensuring that women in Canada are INDEED to be recognized as PERSONS in law - with equal rights as men to the ballot box and to leadership positions - they were called, "The Famous Five."

It was specifically about equality of the sexes - BIOLOGICAL SEX - the term "gender identity" did not exist back then.

Well, NOW, a century later, there are many more of us.

Today, on June 13, 2021, we stand together once again to ask... WHY?

WHY are the sex-based rights of FEMAL PERSONS in Canada being negotiated away?

WHY are Canadian leaders in government and society so quick to capitulate to an ideology that seeks to secure unimpeded access of male bodies into:

I can speak for women in SPORTS, specifically.

In Canada today females in SPORTS are being told that we are bigots if we object to having male bodies self-declare into our competitions.

Yes! Imagine that!

Even though the male body has enormous advantages over women in thousands of ways, including:

Find my new book at UNSPORTING.COM to learn more!

Like the Famous Five of old, we gather today in this new century to serve notice that we will not stop asking "WHY" until we reclaim our sex-based rights.

Female persons of today, as well as future generations of Canadian women and girls, have the right to live in dignity and security.

My friends: Let them count on us to fight this battle for them!