After identifying and living as a transman for years, Benji (GNC Centric) accepted that she is a lesbian and reidentified with her womanhood. She is a lesbian and detrans community builder who flew to Calgary from Ottawa to attend the event.

Heather Mason is a former federal inmate at Grand Valley Institute in Kitchener, Ontario, and a women's prison advocate who has been working tirelessly to stand up for the most vulnerable women in our country, criminalised women, who are being housed with male sex offenders as a direct result of Bill C-16. Heather sent a recording of her speech.

First, some housekeeping: please ensure that you keep 2 metres from anyone who isn't in your bubble and we recommend that you wear a mask. This is intended to be a COVID-safe event, please make good and safe decisions. Please be aware that how you represent yourself during this event will be held against us as a whole. As unfortunate...