We are a secular non-partisan coalition of Albertan women who seek to share resources and tools to fight sex-based oppression, advocate for the rights of girls and women, and build community with each other. 

Our Mission Statement

To advocate for the sex-based rights of women and girls in Alberta and across Canada while bringing together, empowering, and raising the consciousness of women who have the shared experience of growing up and living as biological females. AWAA are a secular and non-partisan association founded by a diverse group of women from varied social, political, and economic backgrounds. 

Our Vision

Our vision is threefold. First, to build a socio-political community and network based on our shared experiences as members of the female sex. Second, to advocate for the rights of girls and women, both by creating awareness of our sex-specific issues and connecting with government in favour of our sex-based rights. Third, we will work to share resources and tools with girls and women to end these sex-based barriers. Ultimately, our vision is for all women to work together and end our oppression under patriarchy.

Our Goals

To Advocate

To advocate for the rights of girls and women, connecting with representatives in municipal, provincial and federal government to support their health, safety, and rights.

To Educate

To be a resource for evidence-based information on sex-specific issues. This includes information on a number of topics, including: female biology and human sexual reproduction; the rights of girls and women to have female-only spaces, opportunities, and resources; the history of the women who fought for our sex-based rights; and (most urgently) how these rights are being affected by gender ideology and sexism in the present day.

To Provide

To provide support for Albertan girls and women through community outreach. We strongly believe women can achieve our ultimate goal of ending sex-based oppression more effectively when we work together.